Misc. Accessories

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Misc. Accessories


"E-Bike" Metal 5"x7" License Plate

Quality steel license plate says "E-Bike" in large letters. Let's the police know that you are driving an electric moped bike, not an unlicensed gas scooter!



Finally, an FM Radio and MP3 Player that you can use on long or short rides on your mobility scooter or bike to brighten your day with the music you want to hear. It's compact form fits in the glove compartment of the EW-36, GT Deluxe, etc, or where ever you want to attach it. You will be impressed with the sound quality and volume from this small unit.


Large Capacity Trunk Box (for mopeds) (13.25" L x 15" W x 13" H)

Large capacity trunk box for mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. 13.25" Long x 15" Wide x 13" High! Removable with keyed easy release! Matte black finish.


Digital Multimeter

Inexpensive multimeter to assess the health of your batteries, your battery charger and locate loose wires. Instructions included. Valuable tool for anyone with an electric scooter or bike.