Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters

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Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooters


SmartScoot Folding Travel Scooter - Airport Friendly - Super Lightweight 27 lbs!

Airport and Airline travel approved! Drive to gate with your luggage! Entire scooter weighs under 40 lbs!! High quality stainless steel. Easy folding. Heaviest piece only 27 lbs! Fits in any car trunk. Carries 300 lbs. Go anywhere! Fast! Up to 7 mph and 12 mile range!!


E-Wheels EW-M34 Four-Wheel Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter - CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION & OUR BEST DEAL!

ALL NEW!! Best value and lightest-weight four-wheel portable mobility scooter on the market today! Stylish with easy to use controls. 300 lb weight capacity. 4.5 mph top speed and 10 miles per charge. Can be taken apart in seconds for easy transport by car. Heaviest piece is 28 lbs.


EW-01 'SPEEDY' - Fastest Folding Indoor/Outdoor Portable Scooter - with FREE Basket - CALL FOR LOWEST PRICE!

The E-Wheels EW-01 'Speedy' is the fastest, Indoor/Outdoor, FOLDING, portable, scooter in America. Advanced Lithium Ion battery! Up to 11 mph & 30 mile range. 300 lb weight capacity! Oversized front and rear tires, electromagnetic brakes, a front basket and extra rear storage space. Weights just 69 lbs with battery! Call Us!


2018 EV Rider Transport Plus Lithium - Airport Friendly

A true one, two, three-step folding/travel scooter. Only 60 lbs with lightweight lithium battery. 54 lbs without battery. Airport and airline friendly! Folds up really compact. Once folded, the carry handle and wheels allow you to easily pull it around at home, in hotels or at airports. Can be stowed upright. Front end with two wheels adds to greater stability than a 3 wheel scooter. Ultimate traveling carry-on mobility. 4 MPH & 10 to 15 mile range.