Electric Mopeds

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Electric Mopeds


EV-H1 Large 2-Passenger Electric Moped Bike

Great looking and comfortable electric moped bike at a very affordable price. Easily carries up to 2 people! No license required*! Tons of storage space. Large 48 volt 20 amp-hr sealed lead-acid battery provides up to a 30 mile range! Only available for local pickup or local delivery from our Largo, FL, store.


XB-504 Electric Moped Bike

Sleek, stylish, reliable and affordable. Street legal - no license required! 20 to 25 miles range. 20 mph. 500 watt motor. Storage beneath seat and in trunk box.


XB-615 Electric Moped Bike

This is the new and improved XB-615 model now shipping which replaces the popular XB-610! Very smart electric moped bike. Street legal - no license required! Lots of storage space. Big 48 volt 20 amp-hr batteries provides 30 to 35 mile range. 600 watt motor. Same specifications as XB-610 with upgraded body and wider thicker tires.