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Replacement Deep Cycle Rechargeable SLA 12 AH Battery (each)

Deep cycle rechargeable 12 amp-hr battery for X-600, XB-502, XB-504, XB-508, Zappy ProFlex, EW-18, EW-54, EW-88, EW500, EW-600 Electric Scooters, Tricycles and Moped Bikes


Replacement Extended-Range Rechargeable 12V 22AH SLA Battery (each)

Extended Range Deep-Cycle Rechargeable 12 Volt 22 Amp-Hr SLA Battery. Same size as normal 20 Amp-Hr SLA battery but with 10% greater range. Fits most E-Wheels scooters, Pro Flex 500, GT-Deluxe, XB-502, XB-610, EV-H1 and ATE-501. Four batteries needed, except EW-37, EW-42, EW-44, EW-52 and EW-54 which need five.