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MAGNUM Mi5 Electric Bike

Both pedal assist and throttle mode in a particularly beautiful yet affordable electric bike. Premium features like suspension front fork, hydraulic disc brakes, computer display panel and 21 speed gears. Strong motor paired with a large 36 volt 13 amp hour battery pack.


Magnum Peak

The Magnum Peak comes packed with power. High torque for great climbing abilities and up to 28 MPH pedal assist for fast on and off road riding. The sleek design and high-end components will turn heads.


Magnum Leisger MD5

The Leisger MD5 is a fifth generation German designed electric mountain bicycle. It has both throttle and 6 levels of pedal assist. Quality components include a Samsung 13 amp-hour Lithium battery, Tektro Auriga E-Comp hydraulics disc brakes, Shimano Acera 24 speeds and premium Schwalbe 27.5 inch puncture-resistant dual-purpose tires.


Pedego Ridge Rider Electric Mountain Bike - NEW

The Pedego Ridge Rider is the ultimate electric mountain bike – giving you the freedom to venture off the beaten path and enjoy the great outdoors!


2017 Pedego Trail Tracker Electric Fat-Tire Bike

The 2017 Pedego Trail Tracker with Fat Tires, High-Torque Motor, Pedal Assist and Built-In 48 Volt 14 Amp-Hr Battery is the Monster Truck of Electric Bikes


ProdecoTech Outlaw EX

This sleek Charcoal Graphite Metallic version of the Outlaw series delivers thrilling performance. It's high torgue 750 watt motor provides super acceleration and hill climbing power!


ProdecoTech Outlaw SE

This elegant Pearl White Metallic Outlaw is a real head turner. High torgue 750 watt motor provides aggressive acceleration! Ready for agressive off-road adventure and yet at home next to a Tesla S or Porche Carrera.


ProdecoTech Outlaw SS

The stunning Candy Orange Metallic Outlaw SS is real eye-candy. Now the most successful muscle e-bike on the market.28 mph and 750 watt motor. Take your riding experience up and well beyond normal e-bike expectations with the Outlaw SS!


ProdecoTech Outlaw 1200

FREE PREMIUM ACCESSORIES! Save $256. Newest American Ion, a super powerful muscle e-bike made in USA! High torque 1,200 watt motor (1,800 watt peak),28 mph top speed, big 52V 12AH battery.


Tokul IE Diamond Frame

The Tokul IE is a singletrack lover’s dream come true. The classic aluminum alloy hardtail construction promises a snappy ride, but the magic really lies in the Bosch CX mid-drive electric assist motor system.


New 2017 IZIP E3 Peak Plus

The new E3 Peak Plus is the lightweight electric mountain bike you've been dreaming about! Premium Bosch center motor with massive torque and ultra smooth shifting. Wide tires with off-road tread and roll-over-anything capabilities that also work well on the street. Hydraulic disk brakes & 4 levels of pedal assist! Eureka!


IZIP E3 Sumo

Power through sand or snow as you float on extra-wide fat tires. This bike redefines the borders of what an eBike can do.


New 2017 IZIP E3 Peak DS

Power makes a difference, and the E3 Peak DS has it -- in spades. We took everything that made the E3 Peak special and added in a full suspension 4-link frame, a longer travel fork, upgraded parts and made a veritable billy goat that will eat up trails and ascents and then bring you back down just as easily.


NEW 2017 Trail Climber Lithium Electric Bicycle with FREE Accessories

Beautiful step-thru version of the 2017 Trail Maker Lithium Ion Powered Electric Mountain Bicycle + Free Accessories.


NEW 2017 Trail Maker Lithium Electric Bicycle with FREE Accessories

Beautiful new 2017 Trail Maker Lithium Ion Powered Electric Mountain Bicycle + Free Premium Accessories.


New X-Cursion Folding Lithium Electric Bicycle

Easily the most affordable full size lithium ion powered folding bike on the market. 300 watt rear hub motor. Throttle and/or Peddle Assist Modes. Removable lightweight Lithium Ion battery pack. Lightweight aluminum alloy frame. 7 speed Shimano gears and shifter. Up to 20 mph and 20 miles per charge.