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EW-38 Senior Mobility Scooter with 500 Lbs Capacity!

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EW-38 Senior Mobility Scooter with 500 Lbs Capacity



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*FREE PREMIUM CUP HOLDER (valued at $29), FREE FOLDING SAFETY FLAG (valued at $27),  PLUS FREE LIGHTWEIGHT RAINPROOF COVER (valued at $59) WITH EVERY EW-38 ORDER (total value of $115.00) !!!

Designed for seniors who need an extra sturdy scooter with speed and range, the EW-38 mobility scooter is a 3 wheel high-power mobility scooter with a 500 pound weight capacity.  The scooter is powered by four batteries and a powerful 700 watt transaxle electric motor. At full throttle, the EW-38 can reach speeds up to 15 mph, which makes it among the fastest mobility scooters on the market. The range is up to 45 mile range per single charge! The EW-38 includes a twist throttle, front and rear hand brakes, reverse switch, speed control knob, anti-theft alarm, large executive seat, and locking underseat storage. This is simply the one of the better and more affordable heavy duty scooters on the market today!



POWER: Electric
WATTS: 700 watts
MOTOR TYPE: Transaxle
VOLTS: 48 Volt
SEAT DIMENSIONS: 18” WIDE, 21” DEEP, the arm rest fold up thus the seat can be essentially wider on each side
BATTERIES: 48 volt lead acid maintenance free battery
TIRE SIZE: 14”/3”
CHARGER: Smart charger included
SPEED: Up to 15 mph
DISTANCE: Up to 45 miles per charge (distance varies depending on riders weight, terrain, road surface etc.)
THROTTLE TYPE: Variable speed control- Twist Throttle
KEY START: Yes , remote key fob included
BRAKING SYSTEM: Front and rear braking system
CARTON SIZE: Shipped on a pallet
NET WEIGHT: 200 lbs
STORAGE BASKET: No.  Call us as this may change soon!
SHOCK ABSORBER: Front and Rear shock absorber
ALARM: Anti-theft alarm
WARRANTY: EWHEELS branded electric scooters: Three Year Limited Warranty

  • 48 Volt 2.5 Amp SLA Battery Charger with monitor style plug

    48 Volt 2.7 Amp Smart Battery Charger. Fits most 48 volt mopeds and scooters including EVMALL GT-Deluxe, E-Wheels EW-36 / 66 / 88 / 500 / 600, X-Treme XB-420M / 502 / 504 / 600 / 610 and EV-H1.

  • Braided Steel Bike Cable Lock with Key - 6 foot length

    Heavy Duty Braided Steel Bike Cable Lock with Key - Cable is 6 foot in length and 3/8 inch in diameter with strong integrated lock and 2 keys.

  • Cane Holder. Approx. 2.5" circumference x 17.5" depth.

    Cane holder for Scooters & Powerchairs. Allows cane to be stored on the back of scooters or powerchairs when not in use. Approx. Size: 2.5" circumference x 17.5" depth.
  • Cargo Trailer for Mobility Scooter with Custom Trailer Hitch

    Cargo Trailer (29”x24”x14”) with Custom Fabricated Trailer Hitch for EW-36, EW-72, GT Deluxe and GT4 Deluxe mobility scooters. Strong steel construction holds up to 180 lbs! Large 16” tires with spoked wheels. Washable cover. 

  • Deep Cycle Rechargeable SLA 20 AH Battery (each)

    Deep cycle rechargeable 20 amp-hr battery for EW-36/EW-72/ EW-52/EW-54/GT-Deluxe/GT-3/XB-420M/EV-M3/EV-M2 Electric Mobility Scooters and XB-610/EV-H1/ATE-501 Electric Moped Bikes.

  • Deluxe Armrest Saddle Bag 10" x8" x 3"

    Deluxe Armrest Saddle Bag 10" x8" x 3". Convenient storage bag with side pockets and zippered interior pocket. Keeps personal belongings close to you. Bag can be mounted to inside or outside of armrest.
  • Deluxe Tiller Bag - 9" x 12" x 3" with 4 pockets

    Deluxe Tiller Bag mounts to your tiller handles for easy, convenient storage. 9" x 12" x 3". Includes front zippered pocket, mesh pocket, side pocket, and inside pocket. Can be mounted in front or behind the tiller.
  • Digital Multimeter

    Inexpensive multimeter to assess the health of your batteries, your battery charger and locate loose wires. Instructions included. Valuable tool for anyone with an electric scooter or bike.

  • Durable Weather Proof Heavy Duty Nylon Cover: Supersize

    Durable Weatherproof 400-Denier Nylon Mobility Scooter Cover. Supersize: 46” high x 33” wide x 64” long. Heavy duty draw string. Fits EW-36, EW-72, GT Deluxe HD, GT4 Deluxe HD and other similar sized Electric Mobility Scooters.

  • EVMall’s Interacter FAST Super-Smart 48 Volt Battery Charger

    EVMall’s FAST Super-Smart Interacter 48 volt Battery Charger. 2X FASTER than standard charger!  INDUSTRIAL GRADE!  Custom made in the USA for EVMall!  Unlike others, it will never overcharge your batteries! With charger plug that fits your scooter and custom features to extend your battery life. 

  • Extra Large Armrest Saddle Bag 12" x 16"x 2"

    Extra Large Saddle Armrest Bag. 12 x 16 x 2 inches. Easily carry magazines and full size books. More storage space than any other saddle bag. Now with reflective safety tape visible at 300 yards!

  • Extra-Large Mobility Scooter Carrier Electric Lift (AL301XL by Harmar)

    Extra-Large Fully Electric Mobility Scooter Lift by Harmar. 36" width & extends up to 53" in length! 350 lb capacity! 2 adjustable wheel cradles. For larger heavier scooters with up to 48" wheel base (axle to axle) and widths up to 34". 

  • Folding Safety Flag (recommended) with Mounting Hardware

    Folding Safety Flag with mounting hardware is highly recommended for mobility scooter and tricycle riders.  Increase your visibility while enjoying your independence! This Folding Safety Flag can be easily mounted to all scooters, manual wheelchairs, and powerchairs.

  • Large Armrest Saddle Bag 9" x12" x3"

    Large Armrest Saddle Bag 9" x12" x3". A mid-size bag. Great for carrying books, binders and oher personal belongings. Great for carrying books, binders, keys, cell phone, glasses and other personal belongings.
  • Lightweight Rainproof Scooter Cover with Storage Bag: Supersize

    Lightweight Rainproof Scooter Cover with Storage Bag. Rip-Resistant Polyester Material, Elastic Front & Rear. Fits GT-Deluxe HD, EW-36, EW-38, EW-72, EV-Rider Sport Rider, EV-Rider Royal, Heartway Vita and other large similar size electric mobility scooters. Also fits most electric moped bikes and small to medium sized gas motorcycles.

  • Mobility Scooter Carrier (VersaHaul XL)

    Extra-Large Mobility Scooter Carrier by VersaHaul. 60” folding ramp, heavy duty steel construction, comes with class III hitch insert. Folds up flat against back of vehicle.  Holds mobility scooters up to 62 inches long: EW-36, EW-72, GT Deluxe, etc.

  • Moped/Mobility Scooter Adjustable Black & Gray Mirrors (set)

    Scooter/Moped Black & Gray Mirror Set with Gray Insert and standard 8 millimeter thread for full size mopeds and scooters.
  • Moped/Mobility Scooter Adjustable Black Mirrors (set)

    Scooter/Moped Black Mirror Set with standard 8 millimeter thread for full size mopeds and scooters.

  • Moped/Mobility Scooter Adjustable Chrome Mirrors (set)

    Scooter/Moped Chrome Mirror Set with standard 8 millimeter thread for full size mopeds and scooters.
  • Motion Alarm with Key Fob

    Motion Alarm can be placed anywhere such as under the seat or in a glove box. Piercing alarms sounds when motion is detected. Key fob remotely sets the alarm to on or off.

  • Premium Universal Coffee Mug & Large Drink Holder

    Premium Universal Coffee Mug & Drink Holder. Attaches to any mobility scooter with a molded armrest. Holds up to 3 1/2 inch diameter mug, cup or can. Has a 3.0 inch depth. Good for large drink cups. 

  • Premium Universal Drink/Cup Holder

    Premium Universal Drink/Cup Holder. Attaches to any mobility scooter with a molded armrest. Has most the secure & steadiest cupholder mounting available. Perfect for 12 oz cans & medium to small drink cups.

  • Ragtops Full Coverage Canopy (Silver)

    Ragtops Full Coverage Vented Canopy (Silver). Same durable material as used to protect boats from sun damage!  Fits EW-36, EW-72, GT Deluxe HD, GT4 Deluxe HD and other similar size electric mobilty scooters that have either a tall seat back or a medium height seat with a basket mounted to back of seat

  • Step Up & Down Transformer For Overseas (500 Watt)

    High Quality 500 Watt Step Up & Step Down Transformer/Converter – for traveling to Europe, Asia or Africa. Use any 110 volt North American charger or appliance.

  • Weatherbreaker Canopy Clear Plastic Side Enclosures

    Weatherbreaker Canopy Clear Plastic Side Enclosures (for max protection from elements). Attaches to Weatherbreaker Removable Vented Canopy. Side plastic drapes for 3 sided protection!

  • Weatherbreaker Removable Vented Canopy

    Weatherbreaker Removable Vented Canopy (Teal, Blue, Red or Gray). The original and most universal canopy in the industry. Protects you from the sun and rain.
  • Windshield for Moped or Mobility Scooter

    18 inch tall windshield fits mopeds or mobility scooters. Attaches at mirrors. Instructions with pictures included!  Fits EW-36, GT Deluxe and other mobility scooters as well as moped bikes with large screw-in mirrors.

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  • I finally took it for a ride. I don't know if the speed-o-meter is right, but I was doing 22 mph! I went through about 5in of snow at only 5mph. I took Todo for a walk; he likes sitting in it. It's a very smooth ride, even on rough terrain. I am very pleased with it. I was debating getting a different 3 wheeler, but glad I got this one. It also fits in the van. Once again, thanks 4 everything!
    Jim Arnold, January 17 2012

  • Rod, it's Jack. I'm just calling to tell you how happy I am with my bike, it is perfect. It is absolutely wonderful, I love it. Peace, thanks so much. Bye.
    J.W., April 5 2012

  • Just a quick note to tell you I love my trike! It is probably twice as fast as I need to go. For the first time in years...I have freedom.
    Ron, December 18 2011

  • Rod, I absolutely love the bike!! Thank you so much for all your help and patience. I ride it all over and it makes me feel so free. What fun!! Yesterday I rode it to a bike shop. They all loved the bike. I purchased a mirror and a computer that tells me mileage, speed, time, etc. Everywhere I go people want to look at it. I rode it to a medical appointment and the doctor had to come outside to see it before going on with his next patient. He loved it. I really appreciate all you have done for me. Thank you again.
    Martha, July 20 2012

  • Thanks so much for all your help rod, it is really appreciated. You and your company are tops in my book. Thanks again.
    Joe, June 23 2010

  • After much anticipation the scooter arrived today. I like everything about it; so far it has exceeded my expectations. It is charging now and I am looking forward to its maiden voyage tomorrow. I have already gotten compliments from the neighbors just from seeing it in my garage.
    Jay, January 12 2012

  • We're having a TERRIFIC experience with the new scooters. We've all been riding them like mad. I am so happy we got the electrics -- much better fit for the kids.
    Thanks again -- especially for your great customer service throughout the purchase and exchange.
    Carol Braden, May 24 2011

  • I am delighted with my new bike. It is everything that I wanted it to be. I live in a very small but hilly town. The Busettii Big 50 makes biking up and down hills a breeze. It is surprisingly powerful and a battery charge lasts me about a week using it every day. The only question remaining is how durable it will prove to be. It seems to be very high quality (except for the kickstand) and I am anticipating many years of use from it. I will keep the email below and report back to you when it has stood the test of time.
    The people that I have dealt with at EVM have been courteous, helpful and straight forward with the information that I asked for before purchasing. This whole business transaction as been a positive one.
    Gerald Keller, August 22 2012

  • He loves the Go-Kart! Thank you for your help. I also wanted you to know that the go-kart made it here on 12/23!!!!!! So it was PERFECT! I hope you had a great holiday season!
    Amy, January 4 2013

  • Rod, I would like to thank you for selling me this Extreme Li 700 E-bike/scooter! I love it! It has made my life so much easier! It is a wonderful bike,extremely user friendly and fun to ride around. I haven't tested it to it's full range yet, but it has stayed at full power so far. It takes about 2hrs to recharge 15 miles of use. And the comments about it's looks have been incredible! Everyone says how "sharp" it is. It is a very "nice ride" and a "good looking" scooter. I feel good, and safe, and able to get around town! The lights are very bright, which also helps! A great choice, and I highly recommend it! I will tell everyone about the Electric Vehicle Mall!!!
    Matt, February 1 2011

  • Rod, Thank you so much for the extra Holiday Gift...my son loved the Xtremem electric scooter which he has been asking for three years but I've had to hold off because my employment has been unstable. He awaits his Electric pocket bike arrival early next week but the scooter that arrived today is the icing on the cake. He said its his best Christmas ever! Thanks.
    Jose M., December 31 2010

  • Would like you to know I spent about 3 months researching almost every single company that sold the XB502 in the United States...
    I was absolutely thrilled with my decision to choose this company. Rod in the sales department completely bent over backwards to help me have my scooter shipped to my front door on the exact day I needed it here because of my busy schedule..
    Terry McCracken

  • Thank you so much for your assistance in purchasing our E-Bike. We got home safe with a full charge to spare! It was a total distance of 18 miles! We will be happy to send any potential customers we find your way.
    Gregg and Laurie, August 6 2013

  • Thank you very much for looking out for me and going above and beyond. It means a great deal to me that you and your team are making sure that I have a perfect bike. Not many business owners or employees go to the measures that you guys have gone too, especially after what this bike has been through, thank you for not giving in. Your good deeds will not go in vain. When I'm out riding my bike, I'm sure people will ask where I got my bike; I will not hesitate to refer them to you. As that is how I was referred. I will be sure to explain the effort that you and your team put forth.
    Dennis Langkam, October 5 2011

  • In March 2012, I purchased a EW-36 scooter. I love it. I can go where I want to go, when I want to go. I seem to have the only one in the area so getting parts and service is a challenge, but not insurmountable.
    My biggest problem to date is the number of times I get stopped by people asking questions about the scooter. Finally I have made a little chart of FAQ that I can hand to the folks asking the questions. I found a shop the services electric tool and electric lawn mowers to do my monthly checkouts, for a surprisingly small fee. Now the winter is coming but the canopy that I bought works very well to keep the rain off. (a big issue in the Pacific Northwest)
    Cam, October 20 2012

  • Thank you Rod for the excellent service. I shopped on line for the XB-420-m scooter and you beat prices by around $200.00. Plus, the instructions you sent were right on target. They explained how to put it together much better than the instructions that came with the scooter. It took about an hour to put together and it was very easy. The scooter arrived right on time, and you were right, the extra $50.00 was well worth it to have it delivered to my home. You were very polite and patient with me on the phone and that helped since I had a lot of questions. The scooter is perfect for me and I am now able to walk my doggy. Being and x-marine, it was very frustrating to have to pay someone else to walk my dog, plus all the one on one bonding I was missing out on. My doggy and I are much closer now simple due to my mobility scooter. This is priceless!
    Again, thank you for going the extra mile with your services and I will strongly recommend you to my friends and anyone else that is looking to buy a scooter.
    Paul, May 1 2010

  • Place has the best customer service that I have seen in a long time. A guy named Rod Jenkins showed me there are still people who sell and care. This guy walked me through the whole process, even sent delivery confirmation and email with direction for the electric bike. Thanks for all your time and effort. Happy Biking .
    Jimmy, April 5 2012

  • Thank you so much for the friendly service. I am so happy I found you on the internet. My Mobility Scooter is not only practical for me it is also oh!! so much fun to ride. I recently talked to your service mechanic he was above and beyond friendly and helpful. I was nervous about buying something of this price over the internet but it turned out to be a good experience.
    Hank, September 7 2011

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